Charles Billingsley is a nationally-known recording artist, worship leader, teacher,author and pastor. His most recent album, Only Jesus, encourages the listener to take their focus off of the situations around them, and to focus their heart’s attention on worshiping the only one worthy of praise, only Jesus. ! Only Jesus is a masterful mix of energetic praise songs like “Sing and Shout,” as well as life-changing worship songs like “In a Moment” and new favorite “Mercy Tree.” Billingsley states, “The message of ‘Mercy Tree’ is crystal clear. It tells the story of the Gospel and reminds us of what it will be like when we spend eternity with Jesus….Having performed it now in many locations, I know for a fact, its melody and message has a direct impact into the life of the listener.” !

Perhaps one the most popular songs on this album lends a portion of its name to the title: “Jesus, Only Jesus.”This track blends the powerful voices of Billingsley along with some of his good friends: worship leader Travis Cottrell, singer/songwriter Michael O’Brien, and Grammy and Dove award-winning recording artist Guy Penrod. Billingsley says, I haven’t done much of the group thing since I was in NewSong, so this is a neat group dynamic. I’ve never sung with these guys before. We’re all buddies, but we’ve never sung together, and it was just fun. More than that, I got to see the guys’ hearts. It’s one thing to learn the song and sing along…but then you finally know the song and move into another level where it becomes a worship experience, and I got to watch that in the eyes of all my buddies…and it blessed me.” !

Billingsley is no stranger to Christian music. He began his career the day after he graduated from college,traveling solo until he joined the Christian music group NewSong as their lead vocalist for two years. Following his time with NewSong, Billingsley decided to travel solo once again. After the birth of his sons , he began to serve in the local church as a worship leader, serving first at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA then with Dr. David Jeremiah at Shadow Mountain Community Church and Turning Point Ministries in San Diego, CA. Billingsley eventually moved his family to Lynchburg, Virginia once more, where he serves today as the worship leader at Thomas Road Baptist Church, the artist-in-residence at Liberty University, and the president of Red Tie Music. His solo ministry still takes him all over the world as he leads worship at churches, conferences and events. Billingsley is also the worship leader for the Women of Joy, Gridiron Men and Celebrators Conferences. !In 2009 the future of his music ministry looked uncertain. An aggravated blood vessel burst on his vocal cords
leaving the singer with a sizable polyp. Billingsley was told he would have to undergo surgery to remove it and no other options existed. With many fearful questions arising about his voice, Billingsley questioned if he would ever be able to sing again. After surgery and five days of silence, Billingsley’s vocal cords healed. Through that faith-trying experience he was reminded that the source of his song is God alone. “God used that polyp on my voice to refocus me,” Billingsley said. “Before that polyp, I used my voice for success. Now I want to use it for significance.” !

You can hear Billingsley on his nationally syndicated radio spot, as well as his app, entitled “Words on Worship” which focuses on encouraging the listener to live a life of worship before God. ! Charles has been married to his wife Shae for twenty years. They have two teenage sons, Caleb and Cooper. Charles Billingsley Concert Ministry



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